Monday, 14 July 2014

Meet Buster

This morning I wasn’t feeling overly great again, but I had a lovely wake up from one of my best friends... Buster, or Fat Bust as he is commonly known. Buster was my present when I finished my GCSE’s, and we recently celebrated his 5th birthday.

When I’m feeling down Buster always seems to be able to cheer me up. He is the most loveable dog I know, following me around all day if he can (which can get slightly annoying when you trip over him), as he loves company. I could sit and laugh at him for hours as he pulls hilarious faces and does really stupid things; his run makes me laugh as he looks like a galloping pig with his ears flapping in the wind (I’m really not joking). He has been really loyal from the first day we brought him home, and has a routine in the morning where he visits each of my family’s bedrooms with one of his stuffed toys, his whole body wiggling as he wags his tail. His favourite spot during the day is on my bed, usually on his back so he takes up the whole space.

Buster can also be very annoying (eating my sister’s birthday cake before she even saw it wasn't his finest moment), and he won’t be winning any prizes for best looking dog because of his saggy chin, due to an operation he had to have as one of his saliva glands burst. He is also very greedy and will eat anything edible that he can find, and is scared of anything from our hamster to my grandparents’ ceramic pigs (he got one over on them when he later urinated on them though), but honestly I can’t imagine life without him!

Oh God this post makes me sound like a mad dog lady... I do love walking my dogs though (I have another one, Dylan), and I think it’s really therapeutic to be able to think freely and do a bit of exercise. It has also been proven that spending time with dogs and stroking them can reduce stress, so perhaps that is another reason they help me feel better.

Another thing that I’ve done today to make me feel better is looking through old photos to find some of these pictures of Buster. I love photography and seeing myself so happy in the past has made me even more determined to get better and back to where I was before.

That was Fat Bust... So if you love morning snuggles, food and licking feet*, we’ll get along just fine.

*this is a joke, that would be disgusting

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