Saturday, 26 July 2014


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So the good news is that the wifi is working again, the bad is that I've spent all day in hospital... Dad has diabetes and his blood sugars were really high this morning after vomiting. The same thing has happened twice before; the first time he got a serious condition called diabetic ketoacidosis, so we thought we should get him checked out. They gave him fluids and some insulin and thankfully let him out this evening, and he seems alright now. It's horrible being in a hospital when you can't speak the language, especially if you're somewhere as rural as we're staying as a lot of the locals don't speak English. I've always wanted to speak Italian - perhaps now would be a good time to learn!

The first time Dad was rushed into hospital with his diabetes was in May and was awful; he was really confused and also got acute kidney failure as a consequence. Being a medical student, I knew a bit more of what was going on than my mum did, so I was explaining as much as I could to her. It was a gift knowing more in a way as it helped us understand what was going on, but on the other hand I knew how serious my dad's condition was. My depression was slowly coming back just before this event, and a few days later it got really bad - I think because I had to hold my emotions in for my mum. It's horrible seeing someone that's usually so strong and the one to sort out your problems so ill.

This is the fifth time my family and I have been in hospital over the last three months for various reasons, and let's hope it's the last for a long time. I don't want to be inside another hospital until September, when I start the third year of my degree!

Sorry for the squinty eyes in these photos and the bad lighting... I can't wait to be able to upload photos from my DSLR again so they're better quality. These were taken last night, as I've just been in a vest top and shorts all day today, which isn't a particularly interesting outfit.

Hannah x

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