Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Uni room tour

So I thought today I'd do a little tour of my teenie, but cosy, room at university. I've added all of my own personal touches, and the room is painted a lovely bright yellow to make it look bigger. My desk is downstairs (under the stairs - I feel like Harry Potter), which is nice because it means I can separate work from sleep and relaxing.

University room tour

University room tour

University room tour cushions

Bed Cover - IKEA (Old)
Blanket - Asda
Butterfly Cushion - Asda
Dog Cushion - Primark
Flower Cushion - IKEA (Similar)

University room tour books

Vase - IKEA
Flowers - IKEA
Frame - IKEA
Ring Holder - Forever 21
Burts Bees Banana Hand Cream - Boots
Glass Jar - B&M Bargains
Books - Amazon (here and here)

University room tour fairy lights

University room tour fairy lights

Fairy Lights - Primark

University room tour

Metal Pots - B&M Bargains
Candle - Yankee Candle
Electric Melt Warmer - Yankee Candle (Similar)
Clamp Light - IKEA

The clip-on light is really useful for small rooms as it doesn't take up any space, and you don't need a side table to put it on. It's also really bright and useful for reading in the evenings. See my review of the Yankee Candle electric melt warmer here.

Jewellery Hanger - Primark

You really can do up spaces quite cheaply - Primark, B&M Bargains and Home Bargains all do nice homeware for small prices. I find that adding a few cushions and blankets in different colours add cosiness to a room, and fairy lights make it a lovely atmosphere in the evenings. I absolutely love interior design; if I wasn't doing medicine I would really consider doing it as a job.

Today has been another long day of lectures and workshops. I'm going to spend my evening eating pizza and watching Gravity, and probably catching up on my sleep.

Hannah x

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