Monday, 20 October 2014

Cakes and a quiz

Oomoo Liverpool

Oomoo Liverpool

Tonight Teddy Bear Hospital had their first social of the year, in the form of homemade cakes and a quiz at the lovely Oomoo Cafe. It went down really well - we had a great turn-out and made around £75 altogether, some of which will be donated to the amazing Claire House. I baked a coffee and walnut cake and a chocolate cake, and was pretty pleased with how they turned out - the coffee one was sold really quickly! The quiz questions were really difficult, but it was hilarious when my housemate thought the answer to "Which brand uses the slogan 'because you're worth it'?" was Tesco... We all had a really fun night, and after eating about 8 cakes (I'm not even joking), I'm fully stuffed and ready for bed. Thank you everyone for coming and supporting us!!

Hannah x

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