Monday, 13 October 2014

Childhood Memories

I love sitting around thinking about old memories. One of my earliest is when my sister was born - I was only two and a half but I have an image of the hospital room, along with a stork balloon she was given. It's funny how the oldest memories are often just images, whereas newer ones you can play back as though you were reliving them. I love how certain smells or sights can give you a sense of nostalgia, and make you daydream about that time way back when.

A lot of my memories are of my dad doing stupid things. The time he fell in a stream, and later when he broke a wooden chair and his hammock just by sitting on them. When he shaved off his creepy moustache; and tried to shave his head himself, proceeding to give himself a bald patch (it's never grown back the same again). He has diabetes so has gone into a hypoglycaemic state sometimes, which is scary, but when you look back absolutely hilarious. He once went out the front door to look for toilet rolls - he was astounded when he didn't find any - and more recently tried to cook dinner for us at 1 in the morning. And he can never enter France again without being called Olive.

I also have loads of memories of holidays - spending whole weeks building dams in the sand or splashing in the swimming pool. We have had various inflatable toys over the years to use in the water, but the one that most stands out is an ugly caterpillar/dog thing, fondly known as 'Mr Blue' (Dad's choice, naturally). I have many memories of visiting our family in Scarborough - burying jellyfish in the sand and trying to win at the long jump. We all used to race for the shower after a day at the beach, but the order would always be the same - I would be second as I'm the second oldest out of us and our cousins.

My grandparents have given me lots of memories too. We always used to stay with them for a couple of days in the summer, and would look forward to picnics and train rides. Woodlice will always be known as cheesy bugs because of Grandad, and broccoli fondly called seaweed. My cousins and I all used to scramble to get into Grandad's shed, as he had a mini railway in there, and the interior design of their dolls house took me ages to complete.

I think my most emotional memory would be when my parents told us that we were going to have another little sibling. They wrote a note and put it on the Christmas tree on Christmas Day, and we weren't allowed to open it until 11am. Two hours previously they had told us that we were going to Disneyland later that year, but I was more excited about having another sister or brother to look after. (I later regretted that - please can we send Mollie back and go to Disneyland again?...) I do love my sisters so much though; Katie and I would spend ages setting up dens in the garden, or playing with Barbies, or dancing around the kitchen to Christmas songs in December. I also remember when Katie got weed on by a tiger at the West Midland's Safari Park - so hilarious.

I was born in the 90's, so was brought up listening to S Club 7 and the Spice Girls. I still remember most of the lyrics to S Club's greatest hits. Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top! I also spent many happy hours playing with Betty Spaghetti's and Polly Pockets, whilst watching my favourite Disney films (Aristocats and The Lion King). Also Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Kenan and Kel was much better than this Victorious rubbish. And WHY did they change the theme tune to Noddy?! I collected Beanie Babies and fought battles with my Pokemon Cards, whilst creating masterpieces from Blo-Pens and beating Snake on my flip phone (oh yeah, my first phone was a flip phone), and had a hobby of collecting as many smelly gel pens as possible, then never using the white popcorn-smelling one.

I had such an amazing childhood; my parents did such a fantastic job of bringing my sisters and I up. We always had everything we wanted (except that inflatable sofa I needed for my room at 13 years old...), and I feel like they couldn't have done anything better for us. I love them so much, and I don't feel like I thank them enough. Thank you Mum and Dad - you're incredible and I couldn't have got this far without you.

Hannah x

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.

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