Thursday, 20 November 2014

5 photos that make me smile

I was nominated on Facebook by my sister for the '5 photos that make me smile' challenge, so decided that I would post them on here and explain why they make me smile. I found it really difficult to only choose 5, but narrowed it down to these - they cover most of the important things in my life.

Chocolate labrador earmuffs

1) Buster Wearing Earmuffs
This photo makes me smile every time I see it as he just didn't care when I put the earmuffs on. Buster is my dog (see my post on him here), and never fails to cheer me up. He follows me around the house, often tripping me up, and is so snuggly whenever I want a cuddle. I miss him so much whenever I'm away at university, but it's almost worth it when I get the almighty welcome from him when I go home.

2) Family
My family are so important to me and I've realised recently how absolutely amazing they are. This photo was taken at my Grandad's 80th birthday party, and it's always lovely how well we all get on when we're together. My immediate family are one of the main reasons that my depression has improved so much; everyone has been so supportive and I wouldn't be where I am without them. Every member of my family never fail to make me smile - and it's lovely to know that I have so many people there for me when I need them. (This photo is also extra hilarious because my dress blowing up is making it look like I'm farting).

3) Friends
For me this photo is the epitome of friendship: fun, laughter and closeness. My friends are also another big reason that I have got better so quickly - the girls in my house have been so supportive and provided a really stable environment for me. Not all of my friends are in this photo - a few very special ones are missing - but they know who they are, and are represented by this photo.

Prison Island Zanzibar Tanzania

4) Prison Island, Zanzibar
Prison Island is the most incredible place I have ever been to. I was the only tourist on the island the day I visited and I had the sea all to myself to swim in. The seabed was covered with loads of huge starfish in pinks, blues and greens, and the island is also home to over 100 giant tortoises of different ages. It's my happy place - the place I think about when I'm struggling to get to sleep, or when I need to think about something positive. I literally can't describe how amazing the experience was, but it's still so vivid in my mind, even though I can't believe I've been somewhere so beautiful. This photo also represents my love of travel - I love exploring new places and finding hidden areas that aren't obvious to others.

Bruschetta Italy

5) Bruschetta in Italy
So this photo kind of represents food in general... And what better to represent it than Italian food?! I love my dad's homemade bruschetta, and it tastes even better in Italy. Food makes me happy, and it's a very sociable thing - I love spending time with my family or friends whilst eating a lovely meal.

Hannah x

Let your smile change the world. Don't let the world change your smile.

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  1. Such a cute dog! :) looks like he's ready for winter xx