Friday, 21 November 2014

You know it's nearly Christmas when...

You know it's nearly Christmas when

1) The Coca-Cola and John Lewis Christmas adverts come on the TV.
2) You buy more take-away coffees/teas/hot chocolates than you would normally, just to hold a festive red cup from Starbucks (and put a photo of it on Instagram).
3) Gingerbread latte is sold in all the coffee shops.
4) It's acceptable to walk around in a thick jumper with a huge penguin on the front.
5) The Christmas markets open.
6) You have your first mince pie of the year.
7) Stollen is a suitable dessert to serve at a dinner party.
8) Lights appear everywhere. On windowsills, wardrobes and jumpers.
9) When every radio channel starts chatting about the Jingle Bell Ball.
10) It takes twice as long on a shopping trip as you have to try to navigate around the hundreds of happy shoppers and promotional stands of chocolate and alcohol as tall as yourself.
11) All of the Christmas Specials start to be advertised on TV. And they're either overly dramatic or extremely miserable. Doctor Who and Eastenders, I'm looking at you.
12) Hot chocolates become acceptable to drink every day of the week.
13) X Factor is starting to get towards the end of the live shows.
14) All of the advent calendars sell out in the shops.
15) You watch Elf and The Grinch for the thousandth time. It's okay to watch them back-to-back when Christmas comes around.
16) Whole aisles in the supermarkets are dedicated to festive paraphernalia.
17) You see cars with reindeer horns taped to them.
18) The dreaded rush on Christmas Eve for presents and last-minute stuffing.
19) All the clothing is either ridiculously glittery or decorated with flashing lights.
20) Everyone is praying for snow... and then complain come February when it actually happens and they are either cold and inappropriately dressed, or slip over and fall on their bum.
21) Everything is either 3 for 2 or buy one get one free.
22) Your Facebook news feed is filled by hilarious videos created on Elf Yourself.
23) Breakfast consists of chocolate for 24 days of the year.
24) You find yourself playing Trivial Pursuit and Risk with your family.
25) You can't meet up with someone without them saying, "Have a lovely Christmas if I don't see you before."
26) You can't go anywhere without hearing Slade or Wham!... And you can't help but sing along.
27) You start writing Christmas cards to people that you've only ever met once in a far-flung corner of the world.
28) Public transport grinds to a halt at the most frustrating of times.
29) Your bank account dwindles to all of £2.43... So you can't even take advantage of all of those 3 for 2 offers anyway.
30) Glittery nail varnish is a must.
31) Buying Christmas outfits for your pets becomes appealing, even though you turn your nose up at people that dress up their dogs the rest of the year... They would just look so cute in those antlers!
32) You begin to realise there's two types of people: those that embrace Christmas early and those that constantly say, "but it's still November!"

I'm going to the Birmingham Christmas market this evening, so am in a bit of a festive mood!

Hannah x

Sometimes people have to cry out their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles.

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