Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Number 82

Gingerbread house
Gingerbread house

These are a selection of photos from the Christmas house dinner myself and all of my housemates had. We made a gingerbread house (which tastes very good), organised a Secret Santa, ate Domino's and drank Buck's Fizz. When our bellies were full and we were all feeling sick, a sign that you've had a good meal, we collapsed onto the sofa and watched Nativity.

I am definitely feeling very festive now, and this little party helped to cheer me up a little bit after the past few days. It just goes to show that when disaster strikes you have to pick yourself up and keep moving on, enjoying yourself each step of the way, as Nan would want me to do. I couldn't bring myself to go into hospital today and found it really difficult to get out of bed again, but I have decided that I will make the effort tomorrow - after all it was medicine that Nan was really proud of me for, and I need to keep going with it if only for her. I managed to pick up a book and read a little about hepatitis today, before becoming really exhausted again after about half an hour and having to give up. I then watched the first two Santa Clause movies with my housemate - I haven't seen them for ages and they definitely helped me feel a bit perkier. I haven't yet faced anyone outside of my house, and everyone here is used to seeing me with a tear-streaked face and my pyjamas on, so I guess tomorrow will be the big test to see how I'm holding up. Every time someone asks if you're okay it always seems to make it so much worse and make you cry, don't you think?

Hannah x

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