Saturday, 10 January 2015

Banana Mars Bars

The other night my housemate decided to make us her speciality, banana Mars Bars. They were amazing and really simple to make - all you will need is a banana and a Mars Bar (we used the leftover ones from a tub of Celebrations... they always seem to get left along with the Bounty and Snickers, don't they?)

Banana Mars Bars
Banana Mars Bars

Firstly you need to chop the banana down the middle. Keep the skin on, as this will help it cook better. Then stuff the Mars Bars in the middle.

Banana Mars Bars

Cover the banana with some tin foil, put in the oven on a medium heat and cook for about 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!

Banana Mars Bars

They really don't look like much (in fact they look like a very weird poo...) but they are incredible, and are even better with Ben & Jerry's ice-cream.

Today I have been shopping with my friend, and then met another friend for a drink and a catch-up afterwards. It was lovely to spend time with them both as they are lovely people, although I ended up spending more money than I should have! I'm really happy with the friendships that I have at the moment. I have some amazing people in my life that are so supportive of me. One friend was telling me how proud he was to be able to call me his friend and that I was one of the nicest people he has met, from all three continents that he's lived on - that's one of the loveliest things I have ever heard and is an incredible thing to hear. I love that I have such supportive and stable people in my life that I can turn to whenever I need something. And I think my blog has really helped bring that to light as I've been lucky enough to be able to open up to people more, so thank you blog!
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  1. Mmm I've tried this with chocolate buttons before but never with mars bars!!! I bet they taste amazing!!! Who are these people leaving snickers behind?! They're my favourite!!!

    Thanks for the idea :) I will definitely be trying this at some point!

    Emma xx

    1. Yes they were incredible! Snickers always seem to get left behind in our house!!

      Hannah xx