Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Dominos Pizza Winter Survival Deal

I've just had one of the hugest meals of my life and I'm actually proud of myself that I managed to eat it all, so here's a photo of me to show how chuffed I am (although I'm probably about four times the size of this after all that pizza). I had a mock clinical skills exam today and wasn't feeling all that great, so I decided to order a Dominos to cheer myself up - plus Mum said she'd treat me (thank you mummy!!) They are always quite expensive but they are currently doing a Winter Survival Deal for £14.99, which includes a large pizza, potato wedges, cheesy garlic pizza bread and four doughnuts. I shared a bit of it with my housemates (and haven't yet managed to even look at the doughnuts) but managed most of it myself! But now may be slightly regretting it and can't quite face standing up... Sometimes you just need a day to pig out and not worry about it. And how beautiful is Dominos' ordering system, where you can see when it is being cooked and delivered?

As you've probably noticed I haven't really been feeling that great the past few days. I went down to 10mg with my Citalopram tablets a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering whether that's affecting my mood a little - although I really hope not as I would like to come off them soon. I realise that I can't rush my recovery but it is really frustrating sometimes due to how long it takes to get better. I have a feeling more Dominos pizza will be in order over the next few weeks...
The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
                                - William Morris

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