Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Fitness skipping

This post is not going to be one of those posts encouraging yourself to push yourself at fitness, or a how-to on how to get fit - it's more about what I currently do. I have recently realised how unfit I am - I practically die climbing a few flights of stairs and don't even ask me to attempt a sit-up. Over the weekend I went to Primark and bought myself a few bits of clothing to get myself back into exercise, including the top above. I find that if you have some sports clothes you enjoy wearing then you are more likely to work out and want to do some exercise.

I also spotted this skipping rope that was reduced to £1 in Primark and thought, hey, what could go wrong? It's free, easy to do in your back garden, and can be done any time of the year. It also targets most of your body muscles and is better for your joints than running. Oh how naive I was. Skipping is actually very difficult - I seriously applaud my 6 year-old self for being able to do it every lunchtime. I managed about 10 minutes (stopping and starting as I went along) and then gave up, collapsing on the sofa and trying not to wretch my lungs up. But miraculously afterwards (well about 15 minutes later when I'd recovered) I felt so much better about myself. I had enough energy to get on with the rest of my day (without napping!) and felt that my thoughts were generally positive. They always say that exercise is one of the best things you can do to help depression; it releases feel-good endorphins - and I can see that it would definitely help.

I am going to continue my skipping a few times a week, possibly peppered with a bit of running when the weather gets warmer, and hope that I will eventually get to a point when I can actually do a sit-up and can skip for longer than 10 minutes. Fitness is such an achievement when you can feel yourself improving, and it has so many benefits for your health. I really think that athletes should receive more admiration than they currently do - their fitness is off the scale and I now appreciate how difficult it must be to get to their level. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to become a fitness maniac and will still never be able to refuse cake when it's offered to me, but I definitely want to feel a bit better about myself and improve my health for the future. Anyone can do a bit of light exercise and get that feel-good factor afterwards - but only push yourself as far as you want to go.

Now I'm off to eat a few biscuits and watch Holby City.
Your best teacher is your last mistake.

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