Saturday, 17 January 2015

Holiday booking

(Source: CV Villas)

I am very excited as I've booked a holiday today!!!!! I'm going with a couple of friends to Mallorca in the summer and literally can't wait - we have booked flights with Ryanair and sourced the apartment ourselves so it has worked out to be really cheap. It's just so lovely to have something to look forward to; whenever I'm feeling down I always think it helps to have future holidays to think about. I've also got a holiday booked to Italy, and am hoping to visit Canada - I love travelling (as you can see in my wanderlust post here) and think it makes you more of a well-rounded and cultured person. We also went shopping in Telford today and practically tried on the whole of Primark, and then this evening had one of my dad's three course meals and watched Take Me Out. And now I feel absolutely exhausted - I hope you're all having a good weekend!
We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.

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