Sunday, 11 January 2015

How to relax

Today has been a very relaxing day for me, including sleeping until 2pm and watching rubbish TV on my laptop whilst eating leftover Christmas chocolate, so I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to relax.

How to relax bath

Take a step back from whatever it is that is making you stressed and take a few moments to breathe, focusing on your breath entering and leaving your body. Do this for as long as you need to relax yourself. Maybe even meditate for a while if you really need to relax - lie back or sit up (whatever feels comfortable) and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes. It has been shown that two lots of meditation per day can relieve stress and depression.

Have a bath
Relaxing is so easy to do in a bath. Light some candles, take some chocolate and a book in there with you and feel the water washing over your body. Just don't stay in there until you look like a prune and the bath goes cold - that is not relaxing.

Listen to your favourite music (unless it's heavy metal, that may not be so relaxing). Sing along if you want - it can really help to improve your mood and relax your body.

How to relax walk

Go for a walk
One of the relaxing things for me is going for a long walk with my dogs in the countryside. It gives me chance to get away from everything and have some time for myself. Even if it's just a short walk around the block, it can help clear your head - plus the exercise is good for you.

I always find it helpful to take myself somewhere quiet and read for a while. It takes you away from reality and allows yourself to stop worrying about your own life.

How to relax pets

Spend time with your pets
There is evidence that spending time stroking your pets can help relieve stress immensely. Talk to them, play with them, or just sit with them. Animals are very good listeners and can be a calming influence to have around.

How to relax holiday

Plan a holiday
Just thinking about going on holiday can help to de-stress your mood. Having something to look forward to can help to relax you when you need it - or even just thinking about a beach you've been to, and imagining the sights/smells/feelings/noises can help.

How to relax exercise

Hey, you don't need to tell me that exercise doesn't sound relaxing. But some low-intensity exercise such as yoga or a short jog can release endorphins that help you to feel much better about yourself and your situation. And just think - afterwards you have an excuse to eat that chocolate hiding. in your cupboard.

How to relax food
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Veg out
Sometimes you just need an evening spent on the sofa with your friends in pyjamas, surrounded by food, and watching re-runs of your favourite TV programmes. Some of my favourite times are spent this way - you can make great memories, bond with people, and really feel yourself relaxing into what is actually a social situation.

There are loads of different ways to relax - these are just some of the ways that I find help me. But whatever you do to relax, as long as it's right for you that's fine.

In other news, sometimes I have to catch myself as I don't see my depression as a big deal any more, when actually it's still an illness, and one that can be pretty serious. I was talking to my friend yesterday saying that it just doesn't seem like a massive thing in my life any more and it doesn't bother me talking to people about it - but actually I do still suffer with it and I need to take time for myself sometimes, and not take on too much. I think I occasionally need to sit back and re-evaluate the situation - although it's really positive that I'm getting better so quickly, I also need to watch myself for signs that I need to slow down and take a bit of time out. I guess I need to use this list a bit more sometimes!
Do you know what happens when you decide to stop worrying about what other people think of you? You get to dance. You get to sing. You get to laugh loudly, paint, write, and create. You get to be yourself. And you know what? Some people won't like you. Some will laugh or mock or point out flaws... but it just won't bother you all that much.
                           - Doe Zantamata

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  1. Plan a holiday is definitely therapeutic. Looking at all the lovely places in the world.
    Reinventing Neesha ♥