Friday, 9 January 2015

My everyday make-up

 I thought I'd do a quick beauty post on what I use for my everyday make-up today. I don't take very long with it on a day-to-day basis (maybe 10 minutes), and I also don't feel completely comfortable going out without it on - especially foundation. I tend to stick to cheaper brands; I am a student afterall! But over the years I have found the cosmetics that work for me and last all day, which is what I need, especially when I'm in hospital on placement for a long day.

Everyday make-up Rimmel MUA Sleek

These are the make-up items I generally use for my skin on a daily basis. The Rimmel foundation is thick enough to cover up any flaws, but isn't unnatural looking, and is often on offer in Asda for £5. I was previously using Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation, but I don't think it has as high coverage as the Lasting Finish one, and the one I'm using at the moment is also a bit more matte - good for oily skin. I also love Revlon's ColorStay foundation but it's a little bit more expensive so I use it more for special occasions. The Rimmel pressed powder is good at keeping the shine at bay over the T-zone, and concealer is a must for me - Collection's is better than any others I have tried. After using those three products, I dust the Sleek blush over my cheekbones and a little all over my face - I use it more as a bronzer than a blusher, as it is a brown colour. The MUA highlighter is perfect to give a bit of definition to cheeks and the cupid's bow - it's not glittery at all and gives just the right amount of shine.

Everyday make-up Rimmel MAC

I will usually always wear mascara, and I have found that this Rimmel ones covers my lashes really well without making them clumpy. I don't generally wear eyeliner for hospital but will wear it most other days on my top eyelid, and find felt tips easiest to use. It also lasts for a long time. Generally I will just use a lip balm to keep my lips moisturised, but if I want to wear lipstick in the day I've found myself reaching for this MAC one that I bought just before Christmas. It's a lovely dark nude matte shade that is not drying at all, perfect for daily use.

That's my make-up routine and the best products I've found for myself on a budget so far. I would love to hear any suggestions you have! Today has just been spent in hospital as usually and then I came back and slept and caught up on Take Me Out. I'm so excited for the new season - Paddy is hilarious and I just giggle the whole way through! And is anyone as pleased as me that The Gossip is back?! I missed it so much last series! Yay for Saturday night TV!
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