Monday, 2 February 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Mallow

How cute is this little guy?! I received this bath melt for Christmas and thought it was about time I got round to using it over the weekend. Bomb Cosmetics' Bath Mallows are infused with cocoa and shea butter and are designed to slowly melt when dropped into bath water. My particular one smelt like gingerbread and vanilla as it started to melt - a lovely scent that wasn't at all over the top. I found that when I got out of the bath my skin felt really smooth and smelt gorgeous. I generally go for Lush if I'm looking for something for the bath, but for the fraction of the price at £2.24, and in my opinion a cuter design, I think I would go as far as saying that I prefer Bomb Cosmetics' versions!

I will definitely be trying out more products from Bomb Cosmetics in the (very near) future; I particularly have my eye on their Ladybug Hug Bath Blaster (how adorable?!), their Strawberry & Banana Milkshake Bath Blaster, and their Little Hottie Wax Melts to use in my Yankee Candle Electric Melt Warmer (plus their candle fragrances sound incredible). If you need to get a for a gift for someone, you could get quite a few items for a low price, or you could always go for one of their ready-made gift packs. If you're looking for some gorgeously smelling products with a low price tag, I would definitely recommend Bomb Cosmetics. I will certainly be treating myself soon.

Today I was in lectures 9am-7pm so I'm exhausted. I got back home, watched Waterloo Road and despaired over my life with a Belgian bun. Belgian buns make every situation better.
Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.

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