Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Top - Vintage
Jacket - Vintage
Skirt - Asos
Shoes - Office (Similar)
Choker Necklace - New Look
Elephant Necklace - Tanzanian Market

Yayyyy windswept hair. It wasn't windy at all today until I decided to take these photos. Today I went to Chester with my family as my sister wanted to look around the university, and then we went for a meal and round the shops. We decided to go to The Slug and Lettuce (or The Slut and Legs as my Dad accidentally said) as they sell some lovely food that isn't too pricey, and we have had some really good meals there. We had the mezze platter to share for our starter which was amazing - it came with garlic bread, flatbread, olives, asparagus, carrot, cucumber and a few dips. I then ordered the salmon risotto, which would have been nice if it had come with the right vegetables, pepper and butternut squash, instead of mushrooms - as they served it without telling me that they had run out of butternut squash. So I changed it for the sweet potato salad instead, which was lovely to be fair. They also forgot my dad's sweet potato wedges and put dry asparagus on my mum's salad - not the greatest experience we've ever had. But the staff were really good about it, making the changes and knocking 50% off our bill, and we did all enjoy our food in the end. The cocktails are 2 for 1 in The Slug and Lettuce so I had an elderflower mocktail that tasted a bit like a virgin mojito - all mint-y and lime-y. Chester is a lovely place to go; there are absolutely loads of shops to look round, and the buildings are all black and white and Tudor-looking. It's a gorgeous city.

The top and jacket I was wearing today were bought from Judy's Vintage Fair a couple of weeks ago - if you're looking for anything similar Asos Marketplace is always a good place to start. The skirt was a bargain £7 from Asos and the scruffy old shoes are borrowed from my sister, although I bought their lookalikes from New Look today as I have been hankering after them for ages.

I had a bit of a down evening yesterday whilst I was at home - I had a couple of hours where I wound myself up about how I looked and how my blog wasn't helping anyone and that it was pointless. All irrational thoughts - I then had to remember my post on body image and what I had said about it not mattering in the whole grand scheme of everything. It's so true that people are too worried about how they look though. Mum sat with me for ages and calmed me down - everything she said in her post the other day is so honest and exactly how she helps me out. And today helped me realise that this blog isn't pointless and it really is helping some people. Time to Change shared Mum's blog post on their Facebook today and I have had so many views, emails and messages from that saying that it has helped so many people. Plus over 500 likes and 100 shares just on that one Facebook post! It has made me quite emotional and proud of my mum, as well as making me appreciate how much she does for me so much more. She is an amazing woman and I really really really really love her so much!!! I don't think she quite understood why anyone would want to read her writing, so thank you so much for helping me show her how incredible and helpful she is. Thank you so much for all of your support once again, my readers really are what keeps me going!

In other news, I had a blog published on the Student Minds blog today on how to help a friend with depression due to it being University Mental Health Day today. It's so important that awareness is raised around mental health problems in students as it commonly affects so many people of our age group. I will be blogging more for Student Minds in the future, and I'm looking forward to changing the stigma with them!
I love the person I've become, because I fought to become her.
                                 - Kaci Diane

PS Please donate towards my sponsored skydive for Mind here, or text MIHV99 £1 to 70070 - thank you for your support!