Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Font

Jumper - New Look
Trousers - Bank
Faux Fur Scarf - New Look (Similar)
Shoes - eBay

I wore this outfit over the weekend - it's so comfortable as the trousers are a silky material and feel like pyjamas (and that hose in the background just adds to the photos, don't you think?). Today I was in university in lectures (after accompanying my housemate to A&E, but that's another story), and then went to a pub called The Font with my friends for tea. The Font is a student pub on the university campus and is a really great place for cheap food and drinks. I had a warm ciabatta slice with roasted vegetables and cheese, along with curly fries and nachos. The Font also sells cocktails from £2, or 3 for £5, with a really extensive menu, including an Irish Monkey which is like banana milkshake, and the classics like Pina Colada and Mojitos. And the hot chocolate is definitely worth a try; £1.75 for a large mug with cream or marshmallows and a Freddo on the side. What more would you want?!

I was very surprised to log into my blog today and find that I had got over 1000 views in the last 24 hours due to my post on body image. I think it's something that everyone can relate to, whether they have suffered with their mental health or not, as everyone has their own thoughts about their looks and their body. However I didn't think it would be this popular! It's now my second popular post after my post on mental health stigma. And the ironic thing is, a lot of views are probably just so that the person can see someone else in a bikini and compare themselves to them (you know we all do it!). I just wish that everyone would be more positive about their bodies and stop worrying about what other people think, as like I said you are more than a number and you have so much more going for you.
If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies; how very different our ideals of beauty would be.

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