Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A message from my mum

My mum sent me a random email yesterday, and it was a lovely surprise to find that she had written another blog post for me! (See her last one here). This time she wanted to write about my skydive for Mind that I'm doing on the 16th May (only a week and a half away!). It's slightly embarrassing for me but I thought I'd post it anyway; if anything works to raise more money for the charity then that's great! I haven't had a good day again today so her support means the world to me. Mum, you're such a cutie.

I just wanted to talk a little about the amazing challenge that Hannah has signed up for on 16 May and why I think she deserves to raise as much money as possible for Mind, the charity that focuses on helping people who suffer with mental illness. 

As followers of Hannah's blog you will know that she has signed up to take part in a sponsored skydive. Knowing Hannah as I do, I am aware that she is far too modest to 'blow her own trumpet' so I thought that I would do it for her! (Sorry if I embarrass you, Hannah!!)

Hannah is such a kind and generous person and despite suffering for some time with depression, she still constantly worries about other people. Mental illness can be so debilitating but Hannah battles on and is so passionate about her course in medicine that she is determined to succeed and use her experiences to help others. She set up her blog almost a year ago and I sincerely believe that she is helping others with her writing as well as doing her best to change the stigma around mental illness.

I couldn't be more proud of what Hannah has achieved and I know that she will make a fantastic doctor, with empathy & understanding for everyone that she encounters. She has taught me so much about mental health over recent months and I really believe that the most important step for anybody suffering with a mental illness is to talk to somebody about their feelings and thoughts. This is where Mind play such an important part - they provide invaluable support through helplines which are funded purely from donations. These helplines are life savers where people feel they have nobody else to turn to for support.

So please, if you can only donate a very small amount, it all counts towards Hannah's goal of raising as much money as she can for a charity which is very close to her and her family's heart. Please visit her 'just giving' page and help Hannah to continue in her quest to raise awareness of mental health issues which will potentially affect 1 in 4 people.

A huge thank you to all those who have already donated - I know how much it means to Hannah to have your support.

Best wishes

Jan xx

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- Dancing along to your favourite song and not caring what people think
- A HUGE pile of pasta... carbssss

PS Please donate towards my sponsored skydive for Mind here, or text MIHV99 £1 to 70070 - thank you for your support!


  1. YOUR MUM IS ADORABLE! I also loved her last post, made me want to cry she's so lovely and supportive of you, VERY proud too! :)


    1. I know she's so cute isn't she?! Aww thank you Emma! xx