Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A day with my Grandparents

My Grandparents are still in Liverpool at the moment, so I decided to spend this afternoon with them. We met at the Metropolitan Cathedral and had some lunch at the cafe - it does some really good food that is reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend a visit to the cathedral; it is spectacular inside and like no other building I've ever been in.

Afterwards we walked over to the Anglican Cathedral, which is absolutely huge. I can't imagine how much it must cost to heat! There is a lot to see inside, not least the beautiful stained glass windows, and a little shop and restaurant that we stopped at for a hot chocolate.

I think the two cathedrals are well worth a visit if you're in the vicinity - they are probably one of the best things about Liverpool. They are both so different but equally spectacular in their own way, although I think the Metropolitan is probably my favourite (you can see photos of the inside of it here).

ASK Italian, 5 Queen Arcade, Liverpool, L1 1RH

This evening we went to ASK Italian near Queen's Square Bus Station for tea. ASK is one of my favourite Italian restaurants; I always enjoy the food there. We shared a cheesy garlic bread to start (and I got Grandad into dipping the crusts into olive oil and balsamic vinegar), then I had a goat's cheese pizza for my main which was delicious as usual. For pudding I decided to have profiteroles, which were a little different as they were filled with ice-cream instead of the usual cream.

I have had a really lovely day - I always enjoy spending time with my Grandparents as they are so supportive and spoil me (thank you Grandad and Grandma!!) - I'm just sad that they are going home tomorrow!
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