Monday, 8 June 2015

Smugglers Cove

The Smugglers Cove, Britannia Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AD

My Grandparents have come up to stay in Liverpool for a few days, so tonight we decided to go to The Smugglers Cove situated on the Albert Dock for dinner. I was trying to think of somewhere to eat - I didn't fancy Indian, Chinese or Italian (I'm sure about 75% of the restaurants in Liverpool are Italian!), and I had heard good reviews of The Smugglers Cove, so after checking out their menu online we decided to go there.

As soon as we stepped inside the decor was very reminiscent of a pirate ship, with lots of rope, candles and wood. There was live music playing - the guy was really good and sung lots of modern songs acoustically, including Cheerleader and Budapest. He even did a rendition of I Just Can't Wait To Be King from The Lion King, which was amazing. Although Grandad didn't seem overly impressed - he surprisingly didn't know any Beethoven.

The food menu was quite extensive and a little different to normal. I decided to have the salt and pepper onion petals for a starter, which were basically glorified onion rings, but they did taste really good. Grandad chose the pork crackling with chilli and spring onion, which he said he fully enjoyed, and Grandma had the home made Scotch egg. I then had fish and chips for my main, which was served on what looked like the bottom of a barrel and a shell full of peas. The fish was lovely; really thick and crispy.

Oh and for pudding, I had a hanging kebab. Which was, literally, a kebab of toasted marshmallows and strawberries hanging on a skewer. It also had chocolate sauce which was cleverly poured into the dish on top, which had holes in so it would drip down over the kebab and onto the ice-cream in the bowl below.

I had a really lovely evening and it was great to catch up with my Grandparents as usual - I would definitely recommend The Smugglers Cove to anyone that wants a bit of a different meal out. It is a little bit more pricey (a main meal costs around £10-15), but the food was really good quality and the staff were all really nice and attentive.
Time has a way of showing us what really matters.


  1. I've heard so much about this place and really wanted to go when I was up there! Maybe I'll have to take a trip just to get a skewer like that haha. So glad you had a great time xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. You definitely should, it was such a good experience! Thanks Sam xxx