Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Birthday Ashling!

I have had such a lovely evening today. We went to Sefton Park to celebrate my friend Ashling's birthday with a barbecue and a game of rounders. It took me back to my secondary school days when rounders seemed to be a permanent fixture in PE during the summer months. It was actually really good fun (although my calves are hurting now - specifically my gastrocnemius muscle; see I have been revising as well. Fun fact: 'gastrocnemius' means stomach leg...) and we all got really into it and quite competitive with each other. It was lovely to have a break this evening as we've all been revising so hard for exams. Happy birthday Ashling!!!

On a less happy note, my Great Grandma unfortunately passed away last night. She was an amazing 100.5 years old (you can read about her 100th birthday here if you wish), and had an incredible life with so many family members surrounding her that she was so proud of, including 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren. Have an amazing time up there Nana with Great Grandad and lots of love to you, you will be missed dearly.

Two people can look at exactly the same thing and see something totally different.


  1. That picnic looks awesome! Reminds me of the days I spent at uni having picnic and barbecues in the park with all my friends!

    I'm sorry to hear about your great grandma but being 100 is awesome! I'm a healthcare assistant and I'm always amazed by some of the patients I've had that are 100 or over xx

    1. Yes it was amazing! She was an incredible woman and I was so lucky to actually know her for so long xx