Sunday, 26 July 2015

Holidays are good for your mental health

It may be the smell of sun cream or the 40 degree heat, but holidays always make me feel really optimistic and hopeful for the future.

I have distinct memories of past holidays where I've almost had 'eureka' moments and been 100% satisfied with life: the year I got 9 A*'s in my GCSE's; the year I got into medicine; times when I was just sunbathing around the pool and nothing particularly unusual happened, but life just seemed so perfect.

Holidays can put you in a state of euphoria, where it feels like anything is possible, nothing is out of reach. As well as turning you into a bronzed goddess, a week or so of relaxing and sun turns you into the best version of you. The relaxed, refreshed version that suddenly doesn't have so many worries and has control of their life.

I guess the biggest thing about taking time away from home is it puts things into perspective, and allows you to look at things from the outside. Worries about comparing yourself to others, or how to get the perfect Instagram shot, or anything else minor, don't seem to matter so much anymore (although this could be because you're staying at a totally Instagram-worthy place). A bit of distance allows the mind time to think properly, without having all those other distractions like social media or emails or your pet being annoying.

There is also ample amount of time to catch up on sleep, whether that's at night or around the pool on a deck chair. I think that the right amount of sleep is so important in regards to mental health - I always feel so much better when I've had my 8 hours.

Holidays give you a lot of time to think, and a lot of that thinking is centered around how lucky I am most of the time, in my case. Long journeys like in an aeroplane or a car also give lots of time to think - a lot of my bright ideas have come whilst travelling (in fact, I think I come up with the idea of starting this blog during a long train ride).

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that holidays should be prescribed for the good of peoples' mental health.

Not really, but how amazing would it be to just pay a prescription charge and be whisked off to the Caribbean?! I truly believe that it's so important to take time out from work, to just utterly relax and have time to think about life. Holidays were made for happiness - it's the reason so many people suffer from 'wanderlust' and take time out to go travelling.

Holidays give you that wonderful feeling when you just feel like 'I got this'. You can tackle whatever life throws at you; the little things don't matter as much as you thought they did; you know what's important.

It will be memories that you will remember when you're old, not objects. And holidays are perfect for making some amazing memories, just another reason to take some time away. Go on, you deserve it.

Hannah x


  1. I wish holidays to the Caribbean could come on prescription!! Perhaps we should arrange a trial looking into it?! But I completely agree about feeling better on holiday because of the lack of distractions. Even just time in a rainy cottage in the English countryside can make me feel better about things - taking time to relax is so important for maintaining and improving mental health :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha yes definitely, I would put myself forward for that trial! It really is - relaxing is so important and so easy to do on holiday :) xx