Friday, 14 August 2015

Karma Se7en

I was really excited when Karma Se7en contacted me, asking if I'd like to receive a few pieces of their jewellery. Karma Se7en started back in the 90's, and opened the world's first body jewellery piercing website in 1999. They design body jewellery for each individual piercing in a number of different materials, including gold and diamond. On their website they claim:

"We love correctly fitting body jewellery that looks great but most of all feels comfy.
We Dislike Body Jewellery that is too small and squeezes the piercing making it red, sore and irritated.
We Dislike Body Jewellery that is too big and wiggles around in the piercing, especially Lip Piercing & Monroe Piercings.

We love High Quality Body Jewellery at a cheap affordable price.
We dislike Cheap, bad quality body jewellery that makes piercings sore or irritated.

We Love luxury materials that glimmer and sparkle in body piercings.
We dislike substandard materials that chip, peal and look tatty after a few weeks of wearing."

Karma Se7en sell a variety of body jewellery, from belly button piercings to helix and tragus jewellery, or nose studs and clip on ear cuffs. I only have my ear lobes pierced so wasn't too sure how much choice there would be for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. They have lots of studs and hoops, plus a number of clip on jewellery for different parts of the ear. I decided to go for a couple of pairs of studs and a couple of clip on ear cuffs.

All of the jewellery was sent in little plastic pots, surrounded by cardboard purple boxes, as shown in the first photos. I think this is a really smart way of presenting them, rather than the standard jewellery boxes that you normally receive. I'm also planning to re-use the little pots for other pairs of earrings and transport of jewellery when I go on holiday.

I think this starfish ear cuff is my favourite item that I received. It is sterling silver and the two arms simply curls around the helix area of your ear. It looks really effective and will look great when I wear my hair up - plus I don't have to go through the pain of piercing the top of my ear! It is sold for £5.95, which I think is a really reasonable price for such good quality.

I also love this snake ear cuff. In the same way as the starfish, it curls around the top of your ear and simply holds there without having your ear pierced. It is also made of sterling silver with little gems as the eyes, and retails for £6.99, which is understandable as it is slightly more detailed than the starfish.

These bee earrings are so cute, they are made of sterling silver with the enamel bee colours painted on. They are the perfect size for me to wear to hospital when I'm back at university in September, and are sold for £6.99 on Karma Se7en.

If I'm honest, I think these earrings look more like jellyfish than octopuses, but they are adorable either way. I haven't ever seen any other studs like these, so when I saw them on Karma Se7en I asked if I could have them as they are so unique. They are also made of sterling silver with blue enamel painted on, with little red jewels as the eyes. These are also £6.99, but worth it if you're looking for something a little different to wear on your ears.

Karma Se7en have some great jewellery - if I was brave (and cool) enough I would love to try one of these faux septum piercings, as they can look really boho for festivals and holidays. All of their jewellery is also buy one get one free, so even if you spend £6.99 on a pair of earrings you're only actually paying £3.50 per pair - bargain! Plus they dispatch really quickly - mine came within a couple of days of ordering them.

And here are a couple of behind-the-scenes photos for you to enjoy (yes, I am wearing my pyjamas and no make-up):

I am currently on my way to Edinburgh; it's going to be a loooonggg journey but I am really looking forward to it! I will be posting over the weekend, so stay tuned for photos of the Fringe Festival and lots of food (probably)...
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  1. Those are so cute - I love the snake cuff especially!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. They are gorgeous! I particularly like the ear cuffs, and I dont have anything like that in my collection so I may have to go shopping! You are such an enabler :)