Friday, 28 August 2015

Portland Street 358

Portland St 358, Smithdown Road, Liverpool

Today I have travelled back to Liverpool (50/50 about how I feel about it - it's nice to be back but I'm kind of missing home and my family already!), so this evening my flatmates and I decided to go to Portland Street 358 for tea. We tried to book for around 6.30pm, but the only time they could fit us in was half 5 as they were so busy - so I would definitely recommend booking!

Portland Street 358 is situated on Smithdown Road in Liverpool and has the slogan, "It's not fast food, it's flavour, with flair". You can eat in or take away, and they serve food such as burgers, meat and flatbread - sort of normal fast food, with a twist. I decided to have the Eastern burger, made from chickpea and pepper, with their salt and pepper fries - both were delicious, especially the chips. Eva, one of my housemates, went for one of the 'bunny chow' meals, which is of South African origin and consists of hollowed bread with a filling, and that looked amazing - I would love to try the goats cheese one. The other thing I would like to try is their pizza fries; the table behind us had some and they looked like chips smothered in cheese and tomato sauce. Pizza + fries = best thing ever.

And of course, what's a meal out without pudding? The dessert menu was the main reason I chose to go to Portland Street (typical me, I often choose restaurants based on their puddings) - I had read a lot about their doughnut sandwich, two ring doughnuts with ice-cream and caramel sauce, so of course I had to try it. And it tasted as good as it sounds. Eva went for the cinnamon battered waffles which would have been my second choice, and they also looked amazing (and were the best waffles she'd ever had, apparently). There were a lot of sundaes on offer which were huge, and Portland Street also serve breakfast from 9.30am-2pm that also looks like it could be worth a try.

After a thoroughly filling meal, we all passed out into food comas, so decided to collapse onto the sofa and watch a film. We chose The Best of Me on Netflix and, oh my gosh, it's such a sad film! It actually had a really great storyline and was fairly unpredictable, but we kind of wanted something light-hearted and that it most definitely wasn't. But worth a watch if you're feeling up to it.

I hope you all had a lovely Friday!
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