Thursday, 6 August 2015

Telford No7 Bloggers Event

Photos above thanks to Sarah at Everything you don't need to know about Sarah

This evening I went to a blogging event at Boots on the Wrekin Retail Park in Telford. It was organised by Sarah from Everything you don't need to know about Sarah, who works as an advisor at the Boots No7 beauty counter. This year marks the 80th anniversary of No7, so to mark this they have brought out some special edition cosmetics this month. These include two eye palettes (nude and smokey), the three lip glosses in the photo above (Ruby, Blossom and Graceful) and the gorgeous highlighter also shown above. My favourites are definitely the nude eye palette, lip gloss in Blossom, and the highlighter.

Boots also have an offer on at the moment that when you buy two or more No7 cosmetics, you get a free 80th anniversary gift. It contains a lovely dark purple eye shadow, an illuminating cream, a mascara, and your choice of a lipstick.

The event was run by Sarah and Mel, the two No7 girls at this Boots. They did a really good job of getting all the bloggers to know each other a bit better, asking about our blogs and beauty products that we liked.

We then had the opportunity to try different No7 products and collect a few samples. Mel did my make-up for me (which you can see a picture of on Instagram here!) - I was so happy with my foundation and eyebrows that I had to buy a couple of things. I got the Beautifully Matte foundation, which gives full coverage but still looks fairly natural, and is designed to stop your skin becoming oily. And in the 5 hours since it was applied my skin hasn't got oily once. I also picked up the Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil in brown, which has an angled tip and a creamy texture, making it easy to get tidy, groomed brows.

I've got to admit that No7 has been a brand that has never really caught my eye in the past. I've always gone for slightly cheaper brands like Rimmel, and not really had the chance to test No7 products before. However I think I've been converted. The prices aren't actually very high for good quality products (especially when Boots often give you vouchers with money off for the No7 brand), and there is such a huge range of cosmetics and skincare.

I think I actually got more excited about the skincare section than I did cosmetics, which is unusual for me. I bought a few things from their Beautiful Skin range for combination to oily skin and am really looking forward to trying them. I will definitely be sharing the results with you on here! We were also given a goodie bag with a few samples of skincare and cosmetics, including a beautiful No7 eyeshadow and eyeliner.

The lovely other bloggers that came to the event this evening were fellow Shropshire girls Hari from Beauty By Hari Pixie, Sally from Sally Akins, Paige from She Be Chic, Kirsty from Just a Little Bit Ginger, Karen from Jinksy Beauty, Demi-Leigh from Underlands Confession, and Beth from BB-Beauty. Definitely check out their blogs for mixed posts on lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

I had such a lovely time - it's always great spending time with other bloggers. I feel like my eyes have been opened up a little more to No7 and I will be buying more from them in the future after I've tried my new products out. Thank you very much Sarah for organising it for us!
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  1. How amazing. Loved the event. Lovely to see you again. Karen x

    1. Was lovely to see you again too, we definitely all need to meet up soon :) xx