Thursday, 17 September 2015

MOJO Liverpool

MOJO, The Stables, Back Berry St, Liverpool, L1 4BG

MOJO is the type of place that most people associate with drinking too much and dancing on the tables, not with culinary excellence. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted asking whether I would like to attend their new food launch this evening, with a few other bloggers based in Liverpool.

I met Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook, Sammy from Little Fickle, and Aisling from Rosy Smiles at the bar at 6pm, at which time it was pretty much empty. MOJO is rock 'n' roll themed, which reflects the music that they play, and is a cocktail bar as well as an American-style restaurant. Their slogan is, "Music for the people, food for the soul, good times forever" - which I think really reflects what they are all about.

We were greeted by Sharon from SLB PR, as well as some of the lovely staff from MOJO, and were quickly poured some cocktails and taken to our table. MOJO has a huge cocktail menu, but we were given a Palomina (tequila, pink grapefruit liqueur, lime, agave and grapefruit juice) and a Hurricane (rum, MOJO voodoo syrup, orange and lime juice) - I tried both but the Hurricane was definitely my favourite as I'm not that keen on tequila, although Aisling preferred the Palomina.

The food came out really quickly (and just kept coming, as you will see during the rest of this post!) - we first had some appetisers to share. Each one was explained to us, before we dug in. I first tried the macaroni cheese balls, which were delicious and very cheesy. We were also given beer battered pickles, which I was a bit wary of as I really don't like pickles, but they were actually really good (and not too pickle-y!). The last appetiser was the quesadilla, which was stuffed with black beans, sweetcorn and cheese - it was gorgeous and one could definitely be eaten as a main meal. Along with the cocktails we were also given some popcorn to try that had MOJO's signature spicy powder on the top - I really enjoyed it and thought it was something a bit different, although Katy said it was a little too hot for her.

We were never without a drink throughout the night. We were given a couple of bottles of GB Pinot Grigio, a fresh Australian white wine, which was really refreshing and perfectly complimented our meal.

Sorry about the photo below - the lighting wasn't great in the restaurant -  but the mains we were given to share were incredible. We received three burgers: the Achiote (spiced pork burger with jalapenos), the Chicken (crispy chicken thighs with cheese and hot sauce), and the Veggie (a mushroom, bean and beetroot burger). I only tried the veggie bean burger, but it was great - probably one of the best I've eaten in Liverpool (apart from the Baltic Social last week!), and the other girls said that the meat burgers were both delicious.

We were also given two types of chicken wings to try: MOJO Louisiana No. 2 (hot sauce with agave and lime) and PBJ (peanut butter and strawberry jam). Now, the PBJ wings sound absolutely crazy, but I think they were the nicest chicken wings I have ever had. They shouldn't have worked, but somehow they just did. The spicy wings were also really nice, but I think I would definitely recommend trying the PBJ ones for something a little different. 

I had such a lovely time with the other girls - they are so much fun and really easy to get along with (plus they have great blogs, just saying). It's so lovely to have some friends that are also bloggers, as they understand some of the pressures of blogging and social media - plus they won't even think about touching the food until you've taken 764508 photos of it, as they'll be doing the same too.

For dessert we were served MOJO's rum and ginger chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream. The ginger was subtle but an amazing addition, plus we got a huge chunk of brownie.

We were also given one of their milkshakes to try, the Barrel Aged Hard Shake, which contained Jim Beam bourbon, maple syrup, vanilla and ice-cream. I am a sucker for a good milkshake, and MOJO's did not disappoint - I wouldn't usually go for one with alcohol in but this one tasted great.

We thought we were finished with food for the night, but then we were given yet another plate - these chocolate truffles again containing MOJO's signature spicy powder. They were a really good end to the meal and the spice in them just added a little kick.

We were then given another round of cocktails, and coffees for whoever wanted them. I am not exactly sure what mine was, but I can definitely say that it was delicious. MOJO's whole cocktail menu looks great and is worth checking out if you're looking for a couple of fun drinks in a cool bar.

We sat around chatting for another hour or so, and then sadly had to say our goodbyes so that everyone could get their various transport home. I think this has been my one of my favourite blogger meet-ups so far, as due to there only being four of us we could really get to know each other better - plus Aisling, Sammy and Katy are all so lovely so the night couldn't not be good, whatever we ended up doing.

MOJO have actually just set up a delivery service on Deliveroo, so you can enjoy all of their amazing food from the comfort of your own sofa, if you would prefer not to venture out for the night.

I had such a good night and would like to thank the staff at MOJO for being so lovely and for having us, and to SLB PR for organising the event and inviting us. I definitely think that MOJO would be a great place to start your night off, with a couple of cocktails and appetisers, or just for a meal out earlier on. And, of course, it will always be an amazing place to end your night, dancing on the tables along to their great music selection.

You don't get the same moment twice in life. Cherish it.

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