Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Balance via

Jumper - Primark
Faux Leather Skirt - Primark
New Balance 574 Classic Trainers -*

I have been lusting after some New Balance trainers for aaages (who hasn't?), but just couldn't justify buying them on my student budget. So when I had the opportunity to receive some from via etailPR, my answer was 1000000% 'yes'! is an online shop that sells high street brands at low prices, and have over 4000 product lines. They mainly sell sports brands and are a subsidiary of JD Sports, but also stock products from AX Paris, Levi's, Firetrap and Ugg - plus so many more, all sold at up to 75% off their RRP.

They sell quite a few different New Balance trainers, all with a discount, but I decided to go for these blue and yellow ones as I think they really stand out. They are made from suede and mesh and are so comfortable - more comfortable than any other trainers I have owned in the past. They state that they have ENCAP cushioning, which I guess is what makes them comfy, and they also came with some white laces that could be swapped with the yellow ones. I love how they can be worn casually or as running trainers - I am planning on doing some more exercise soon so will definitely be wearing these, but I also think they look great with a casual outfit like this one. They normally retail at £69.99, but sell them for £59.99 - plus you can get an extra 10% student discount which is a definite bonus! I also really like these green ones, and am very tempted now that I know I can get them at such a good price...

I would definitely recommend checking out if you are looking for a particular branded product - they sell so many different brands that it's worth looking to see if they have what you want at a lower price than other retailers.

This Primark jumper is also really comfortable and lovely to wear as the weather is cooling down - I'm actually really looking forward to cold days so that I can snuggle up in some warm clothing! Today has just been spent with my family, chatting and eating Sunday Dinner, before I drove back to Liverpool ready for my GP placement to start tomorrow. My housemate and I made some brownies this evening and they were honestly the best brownies I've ever had - so gooey and chocolatey and amazing. I will link the recipe on here tomorrow if I remember!
Live in the moment.

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