Sunday, 6 September 2015

#NWmeet goody bag

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we were given an amazing goody bag at the #NWmeet, and I wanted to show you some of the things we were given. I'm not going to talk about everything as it would take ages and you would probably get bored, but I hope you enjoy looking at the contents of our bags!

Let's start with the least exciting (but still exciting) stuff - food. I will definitely be having these as treats for the next few days - I've just tried the Primal Pantry bar which was good.

We got a whole Lush goody bag with some samples in, which was really exciting! I just photographed them in the bags as the pots inside are unmarked so wouldn't really make much sense.

This is DEFINITELY my favourite thing we were given - I was so excited when we opened our boxes to reveal these. I love anything personalised and this is going to look gorgeous all lit up - it's battery powered and can be hung up on the wall, in case you were wondering.

We could have chosen one of these t-shirts in grey, black or white - I went for white as I like to dress up white slogan t-shirts with printed jackets or trousers.

Girls On Film T-shirt

My favourite product out of these nail items is definitely the Smith & Cult nail polish as I love the bottle. I'm also looking forward to using the stickers at Halloween!

This has saved me a few pounds as I actually needed to buy some more shampoo and dry shampoo - plus I'm really looking forward to trying out the Oribe products as I've heard good things about the brand.

These adorable notebooks are definitely going to be coming to hospital with me to make notes in, and you probably can't see but the pencil says "Thanks for coming to #NWmeet".

This is the W7 lipstick I chose yesterday, and the KISS lip vinyl is so cute. Everyone was talking about the Tarte mascara and we all couldn't wait to get home and try it out!

This incense made our goody bags smell wonderful - it is from a little shop in Liverpool on Bold Street called Shared Earth, who sell all sorts of quirky things.

I'm going to give both of these to my dad, as I don't like coffee and it would be lovely for him to plant the wildflower seeds in our garden. The seeds are really sweet as the packets can be personalised for wedding favours, gifts and invitations - a lovely idea.

This pillow mist smells divine - I'm hoping it will help me sleep on those nights when it seems impossible.

Brume d'Oreiller Lavender and Acacia Pillow Mist

I actually missed out one item which was one of my favourites, because I've already put it on my shelf. It is this Rose and Grey Pineapple Tealight and Cloche, and is so cute - I don't want to light the candle! If, like me, you are a little pineapple obsessed, Rose and Grey is definitely the place for you as they sell everything pineapple-themed, from necklaces to bookends. I want this pineapple lamp.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the items that I was given at #NWmeet! I had such a great day and really can't believe how generous brands were. Thank you to anyone that donated something towards our meet up, I actually love everything and can't wait to get stuck in and try things!
Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted.

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  1. Lush's stuff is so good. The men's skincare and moistuiser stuff definitely tops anything I've ever bought from boots or the supermarket

    Growing Positive | Francis