Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Orelia Jewellery

Orelia Jewellery Blog Review

I recently came home to a lovely surprise parcel from Orelia Jewellery, through etailPR. The little package was wrapped in a really cute little pink spotty bow, with Orelia's details on the front.

Orelia was set up in 2007 by Louisa, who loves to travel and became inspired by Eastern Asia, and the team now travel all over the globe to gain inspiration for new collections. Early on Louisa recognised that there was a gap in the market for jewellery that was between high street and designer level, and from that Orelia was born. You may recognise the brand as it is sold in many Topshop stores, as well as being available online and in some independent boutiques.

Instead of just showing you the products I received, I thought I would also show you a few photos of how I would wear them. So here you go...

Corduroy Pinafore - Primark
Roll Neck Ribbed Top - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Orelia*

I wore this outfit for the #NWmeet a couple of weeks ago, and said that I would photograph it properly - plus it goes perfectly with my Orelia jewellery. I absolutely love this pinafore - it's a gorgeous colour for autumn/winter and goes with loads of blouses and shirts worn underneath. I like how this necklace perfectly falls over the top of the pinafore - plus the leaf makes it seem quite autumnal, to stick with the theme of the outfit.

Orelia Memento Charm Lariat Necklace

This is the necklace that is shown in the photos above, just closer up. It is really dainty so could easily be dressed up or down, and will also go with so many different outfits as it's fairly plain. I also like how it is a lariat necklace, so has a little gold circle that the chain threads through, as I don't own any other necklaces like it and I think it adds a lovely little amount of detail.

Orelia Pretty Stone Drop Lariat Necklace

I think this is my favourite item I received from Orelia. I love any jewellery with stones in, and this is a Labradorite, which is perfect as it matches my dogs. I like the pretty white-blue opal semi precious stone, and again think that it will go with many different outfits - dressed up or down. It's also made of 18ct gold plating, which is such good quality for the price of the necklace.

Orelia Mixed Butterfly Temporary Tattoos

How sweet are these temporary tattoos?! Metallic tattoos are everywhere right now, but I think these little butterflies add something a little different as they are all sorts of colours - a bit of boho to an outfit. I think they would look lovely fluttering around your ankle or wrist, or all the way up your back - I didn't want to sample too many as I want to save them for a special occasion!

I love how beautiful and dainty the Orelia jewellery is - I think it would be perfect as a special gift for someone, as the price is not too high. Whilst looking through their online stock I fell a little bit in love with their wishbone necklace and bunny necklace; they have a lot of choice of all sorts of jewellery, and the main thing I noticed is that their pieces are very versatile, and could be worn with a whole range of styles and outfits.
I promise you these storms are only trying to wash you clean.
                     - Jessica Katoff

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