Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Starlight Blogger Award

I was tagged in this post by the lovely Charlotte from Discovering Charlotte. She is a lifestyle blogger and the queen of the charity shops, who also posts about fashion, food and beauty - it's well worth checking out her blog!

The STARLIGHT Blogger Award was created by Carolina (www.yesterdayafter.com) with the intention to show appreciation to fellow bloggers and their spectacular blogs.

Yesterday After's Rules:
- Thank the person who nominated you
- Include the logo of the award
- Answer the 3 questions you have been given
- Nominate 6+ bloggers deserving of this award
- Ask your nominees 3 questions

My questions from Charlotte:
1) If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be or why?
I always find this type of question really hard, because I guess the first people I would have dinner with would be friends and family! But I would love to meet David Attenborough - anyone that knows me well will know that I am a real animal lover, and I think he would have so many interesting stories to tell. I also think Michael McIntyre would be a hilarious dinner guest.

2) What is your favourite film and why?
Any of the Harry Potter films - I can watch them over and over again. But I also love War Horse as I find the whole storyline captivating, and Paddington because it's so cute and funny.

3) What are your biggest blog goals?
I guess to expand and reach as many people as possible - to help more people suffering with their mental health, and teach others about it to help challenge the stigma.

The bloggers I tag:
- Kate at The Medic Journal - Kate is a fellow Liverpool medic and I always find her posts really interesting to read as I can relate to them so much.
- Sam at All I Know Now - Samantha is a lifestyle blogger who often posts about mental health and positivity, as well as good book suggestions - it always cheers me up when I go over and read her blog.
- Jennifer at Ginevrella - Jenny is also a medical student who blogs about lifestyle - her baking recipes are always amazing and it's a joy to read about her medical escapades.
- Emma at Carpe Diem Emmie - Emma's blog is just a little ball of positivity - she mainly writes about lifestyle, with the occasional mental health and dancing post thrown into the mix. (See her guest post on anxiety that she wrote for me here).
- Tasha at Hello Tasha - Tasha is such a lovely girl and posts about fashion, lifestyle and beauty, as well as the occasional travel post, on her well-designed blog.
- Sarah at Everything you don't need to know about Sarah - Sarah is so fun and this shows through her writing. She mainly posts about fashion and beauty, and works at No7 so is really knowledgeable about beauty products.

Here are the questions:
1) If you could be anywhere right now, where would you go?
2) Who inspires you, and why?
3) What are your hopes for the future?

Can't wait to see your posts, girls!

Today was my first day back as a fourth year medic (eek!) and it feels like we've never been away. We had introductory lectures in hospital and will start properly on Thursday, after further training tomorrow. I have to keep pinching myself as I can't believe I've got this far - and how quickly 3 years have gone! It was lovely to see everyone again today though, and it's made me excited for the rest of the year. I've got a lot to look forward to the next couple of months, including a few different blogger meet-ups!
Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own.

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  1. I think the Harry Potter films are the ones that I could watch over and over as well! And i think you are on the way to reaching your goal, what you write about on here is great and will help everyone who reads your blog in some way.
    Thanks so much for nominating me too! So kind of you xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge