Sunday, 20 September 2015

Taking my sister to university

Sooo shock! Horror! I didn't do a blog post yesterday. I have been so busy this weekend that I just was so exhausted last night and didn't get chance. Plus our internet at home was ridiculously slow/decided it didn't want to work last night. But I figured that missing one day is okay, right?

Yesterday I went to the West Midlands Blogger Meet Up in Birmingham, which I will be posting about tomorrow - I had a really good time and it was lovely to meet everyone. Afterwards I came home and, as my sister was going off to university today, we decided to have a family evening consisting of a three course meal and board games. I actually love playing board games with my family; it's such a lovely way to spend time together and catch up with each other, plus we've done it since we were young so I find it really relaxing and comforting. By the time I got into bed and read a chapter of Michael McIntyre's autobiography (hilarious), I was practically asleep, so I gave up on the blogging idea as I knew my internet would mean I would be awake for at least another hour. I'm still planning on blogging every day, yesterday was just a bit of a glitch!

Today I got up at 7am to go with my family to take my middle sister to university. It's so scary that she's left home - it makes me feel quite old, especially seeing all of the 18 year-olds moving into their student halls. It seems like she's living in a really great place, and I know she will have loads of fun. Although I don't envy her just starting uni - I remember first year being so nerve-racking as I didn't know anyone and found moving away quite difficult. I'm extremely settled now and love being at uni, I can't imagine doing anything else at the time being! I also gave her a little 'uni survival kit', consisting of plasters, paracetamol, sweets, stationery, and toiletries, which she really seemed to enjoy. It's a lovely idea for anyone that's moving away; I love putting little gifts together for people. We also went out to a little pub for Sunday dinner.

I then got the train back to Liverpool and almost immediately headed back out for a GP society meeting. We are doing some research so putting it all together is taking a fair amount of time. After lots of bits of paper and a round of Domino's pizza, it was 10pm - time to come home and get into bed. I'm really tired and looking forward to going to sleep, but thought I would give you a little life update first (okay big - this is a pretty long post!).

Life feels like it is moving so quickly at the moment, and I seem extremely busy most of the time too. I almost want a day where I just do nothing and can stay in bed all day! This week isn't quite as busy as last, but I do have a few exciting things coming up - so stay tuned for that.
Sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen.

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  1. I think you are allowed a day off blogging - I've never known anyone as dedicated and creative as you so it's only natural you'll need a day off at some point!! Sometimes it is just better to enjoy real life instead of blogging about it xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge