Friday, 16 October 2015

Avatar Shrewsbury

Avatar, 22-23 Mardol, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1PU

Apologies for the poor quality photos - they were taken on my phone as I forgot to take my camera with me. I came back home today so this evening I met my partner in crime, Roxy, in Shrewsbury. We decided to go to Avatar, an Indian and Nepalese restaurant, for a meal. Avatar isn't your standard Indian restaurant - they have a section of 'innovative' dishes that you will struggle to find anywhere else, and lots of other options besides curries. Plus all of the food is presented really well on lots of different-shaped plates (seriously. I had square plates, rectangular plates, tiny glass plates - even a triangular plate!). I usually have exactly the same dishes every time I go to an Indian restaurant - prawn on puree, vegetable biryani and a garlic naan bread - but the menu was so diverse that I decided I needed to push the boat out a bit.

Although I didn't push it out all that much... I had samosas to start which were nice but I would probably choose something else next time - Roxy had the onion bhajis and they were incredible. She states they are the best bhajis she's ever tried (she's tried a lot of onion bhajis). I then chose the prawn biryani and it was delicious. There was just the right amount of food on the plate - just enough that I could completely finish it and not fall into a food coma - and you could tell it was homemade. I also had a vegetable naan bread with it (amazing) and some raspberry and lemon sorbet to finish it all off.

Avatar is a great restaurant and the staff are all really friendly. I would definitely go back again as it's a nice change to the Indian we usually go to. It is perhaps slightly more pricey than other Indian restaurants, but worth it for the quality of the food.

The Alb, 14 Smithfield Road, Shrewsbury, SY1 1PB

Afterwards we had about an hour until we were due to catch our train, so we decided to stop off at The Alb for a drink. The Alb is a stylish bar and restaurant near the river in Shrewsbury that sells a variety of drinks and cocktails. I really like the cool and comfortable interior and the fact that, even though there is music playing, you can still have a chat.

I had a cocktail with pineapple and coconut rum in, and Roxy went for a mojito with a twist - it also had a hint of chilli in. She said that she enjoyed it and was glad that she had tried it, but probably wouldn't have it again. The Alb have a really extensive cocktail menu so there really is something for everyone (including some rather delicious virgin cocktails - read about those here). We have vowed that we will go back soon to try a few more!
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