Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Things that have got me through the day #1

Today has been a really bad day with regards to my mental health. In fact, today was even worse than yesterday. I have really struggled to make myself do anything, and have felt quite self-destructive and apathetic towards myself once again. But I'm going to put a positive spin on the day, and compile a list of things that have got me through the past 24 hours:

1) Being able to sleep all day and not necessarily have to get up for anything until this evening.

2) Maya, who has been a wonderful support and a great person to talk to and be honest about how I have been feeling.

3) Sarah, who popped her head in to my room just to check that I was okay after my blog post last night.

4) I went to the Mersey RCGP faculty meeting (basically a meeting and prize giving evening for all the GPs in Merseyside) this evening with the lovely girls from GP society, and actually had a great time.

5) The food at the RCGP meeting was amazing - veggie lasagne, garlic bread and lemon meringue.

6) I spoke at the meeting about our recent research into what medical students think about a career in General Practice (more details here) to an audience of about 50 people, which was nerve-racking but made me feel much better about myself, as I was able to do it even though I am feeling low at the moment.

7) Watching as many episodes of Sex and the City as I liked, whilst still getting a bit of work done.

8) Buying a new duvet cover for my bed. And a new jasmine scented candle (it was £1 in Asda).

9) Bawling my eyes out on the phone to Mum, who just sat and listened for about an hour and a half whilst I told her all about how awful I'm feeling and how bad my life is (irrational thinking there). If you haven't read her post about me and my depression, please do - she is exactly the same in real life as she is in her writing: very level-headed, supportive and reassuring. Exactly what I need on a day like today.

So I guess there are 9 reasons why I have got through today, and now I look back at them it shows that life isn't really as bad as it seems. I know I'm just going through a rough patch and need to take it slow at the moment; I think tomorrow I'm going to have a similar day of not pushing myself or being too hard on myself, with a bit of pampering mixed in.
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  1. Friends, family good food and entertainment are key things for getting through when you feel awful. Such a lovely post xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. We all need little things that help us get through the day! This morning I had almost already written the day off as a disaster, but I took a pit-stop on my commute to work into Starbucks and ordered myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and told myself to slow down. I've felt great ever since. Definitely encourage treating yourself as a good tool to combating down days. x

    Zoe | www.ibelieveinromeo.com

  3. Wow, it's amazing you could do the presentation while feeling low. I don't think I could, I'd probably just stay at home and sleep.
    This dreary autumn weather is killing me. Fall is my least favourite time of the year. Even winter is better, at least the days are getting longer then. Do you also get extra depressed if the weather is bad?
    What really lifted up my mood today was going swimming in an outdoor pool. I was there completely by myself, with two receptionists, a cleaning lady and two lifeguards. It felt like having a private olympic pool! Oh, and it was raining and 13°C outside. I'll need to do more of that before the season is over (and it was free, too).

  4. Big Hugs Hannah

    I think the fact that you are going out and getting shit done whilst feeling so down is a huge testimont to you xx