Monday, 23 November 2015

7 more things nobody ever tells you about depression

I did a post earlier this year on 10 things nobody ever tells you about depression, and I thought I would do an updated version on more things you're never told about it.

1) It's really, really boring
Lying in bed all day may sound like a dream, but actually when it's because you can't motivate yourself to do anything else it gets pretty boring after a while. You become disinterested in everything around you and just can't be bothered to perform the simplest of tasks. I often spend ages just sitting and staring at a wall, thinking about everything and nothing, when I feel down. So boring.

2) Depression can make you feel guilty
'I'm so selfish', 'It should be me that suffered, not them', 'I'm such a burden' - just some of the many unhelpful thoughts that may run through a depressed mind. Feeling guilty can make people suffering with depression push their loved ones away, as they may feel like they are making them suffer too. Plus it can also make depression even harder to cope with.

3) It can affect your sleep
Sometimes you will not be able to sleep longer than a couple of hours at night, but other times you could sleep for 16 hours straight. Falling asleep in random places may become a regular occurrence.

4) You may not want to spend time with loved ones any more
Depression can make people want to curl up in bed and never reappear again. Friendships and relationships can suffer because of this. It can sometimes feel so hard to motivate yourself to get up and make the effort to meet someone, even if you know it will make you feel better.

5) Depression can make you feel lonely
Loneliness can sometimes be the worst symptom for me. I could be surrounded by 100 people, including some friends, but still feel lonely inside.

6) You may feel numb
The biggest misconception about depression is that you just feel sad all the time. When in fact you may feel much more than that - anger, guilt, worthlessness; sometimes even happiness on good days. But you may also feel numb and not have any feelings towards anything - especially towards yourself. This can be frustrating and scary.

7) The little things are often the most helpful
A text from someone; seeing a puppy playing in the park; a beautiful sunny day - these are some of the little things that can make your day a whole lot better. Sometimes all it takes is one small event to happen to make your day that little bit more bearable when you are feeling down.

I guess the biggest thing to remember when you're feeling down is that you can get through it. Brighter days are ahead and you never know what little thing is around the corner that makes your life seem worth living. As my Grandad says, keep smiling!
Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.


  1. This is perfectly worded! I'm currently having to deal with all of these points and they would all be easier if everyone else knew them too!
    Charlotte x

  2. Your posts about depression and mental health are so to the point, they're great. You touch upon the issues that other people don't seem to mention, and you do it well! I can relate to all of these points. x

    Laura at Lola and Behold

  3. These all ring a bell.
    But instead of getting overjoyed at little things others do to cheer me up, I get anxious and stressed. I don't answer phonecalls or messages until I get better, if ever. This can take days and longer, and I'm surprised people even still sometimes communicate with me, even those that don't know about my s.a.d. It was really bad this fall, even though we've had great weather and I was able to be outside a lot. There are messages sitting in my inbox since September and I'm ashamed to answer them now. Sometimes it's easier to hang out with strangers than friends, newly-met people don't usually ask about personal things.

  4. And I agree that numbness might be the worst feeling at all. The times that I don't care if there is a war, my family dies or my boyfriend leaves.
    I wish you a lot of good days, and that bad days improve!

  5. Love the 'It's really boring' point! No one ever mentions just how bored you are with being so miserable! x
    Zoe |

  6. These are so, so accurate. The point about numbness is so true - people seem to attribute depression to feeling sad, when really sadness is a tiny portion of everything that goes through your head. And don't get me started on the sleep problems, they have a lovely way of making things ten times worse!
    You put this into words perfectly, thank you for this post and I hope things improve for you x