Sunday, 1 November 2015

A mermaid, 3 cats, a fairy, a vampire and a whole lot of fake blood

Apologies for being a bit AWOL this weekend - I've had my good friend Roxy up from home and have been really busy. On Friday we went to the Red Hot Buffet for tea, before watching a scary movie. And then last night we went out for Halloween!

And here is my outfit... I was a mermaid!

Halloween Outfit Idea Mermaid

I came up with the idea when someone said my hair looked mermaid-like. I didn't want to buy a mermaid costume, so I decided to be quite creative and put something together myself. I bought a green sequin skirt from H&M (similar) and a nude bodysuit from eBay and decided that they would be the basis of my outfit. I then bought some sequins and a string of plastic shells from Hobbycraft and glued and sewed them to the top of my bodysuit, to make it look more like I could be a creature from the sea. And to finish it all off I wore my sparkly heels (similar) and iridescent clutch bag from New Look.

Makeup-wise, I bought the Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever palette and used the blues in it, along with some blue glitter, on my eyes.

I also decided that I wanted some scales, so I grabbed one of those nets that you buy oranges in (yep) and the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Turquoise Fever. With my friends' help, I held the net against my face and dabbed the eyeshadow on top, to create a scale effect.

Halloween Mermaid Makeup
Halloween Mermaid Makeup

I also put some scales on my shoulder and thigh, and finished off the look with some purple lipstick and purple spray on hair chalk.

Everyone looked amazing: we had three cats, a vampire, a fairy, and Roxy, who was possibly murdered by Eva the vampire.

We all danced around our living room and chatted for ages, drinking some 'potions' from plastic cauldrons.

Eva looked incredible as a vampire - her make-up was amazing and the red eyes made her look like a member of the Volturi.

Of course, we had to get the obligatory stupid photos too... Kelly was climbing up the wall as cat woman, if you're wondering.

Then cat woman went for a climb up the bannister.

Skelly wanted to join in on the photo action.

And then the party moved to the stairs!

Neala's green contacts looked amazing and made her look even more cat-like.

Afterwards we all headed out into town to party the night away. I had a really fun night spent with some really fun people, but was so exhausted today that I have basically slept most of the afternoon! I also took part in something VERY cute today, which I will reveal tomorrow...

I hope you all had a fun Halloween :)
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  1. You looked really lovely, Hannah. Hope you had a lovely halloween xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. This looks so fun - everyone put in so much effort this halloween! Meanwhile my housemate and I stayed in baking for her birthday the next day haha. The orange net trick for the scales make up is genius by the way!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

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