Friday, 13 November 2015

Liverpool ONE Christmas lights switch on

This evening I went to watch the Liverpool ONE Christmas lights be switched on. I was a little surprised to discover that it was actually only the Christmas tree that was being switched on, and that all the rest of the lights were already alight, but nevertheless it was a good event.

The Christmas tree is the tallest in the UK, standing 30m tall, and is made up of 280 heart-shaped lights. I was a bit unsure of it when I first saw it, as I much prefer a traditional Christmas tree, but actually when it was lit up it looked quite good.

There were lots of musical acts going on from 4pm, until 6pm when the tree was switched on. There was a bit of a light show, including Santa standing on the top of one of the shop's roofs, before the Christmas tree was switched on and there was a snow machine set off. There were also lots of Christmas songs played, which was probably my favourite bit as it really got me in the festive mood!

I am actually so excited for Christmas now and have so many exciting festive things coming up - I think I'm going to find myself listening to Christmas songs on my iPod from now on...
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  1. This makes me wish I still lived near Liverpool - the Liverpool one ALWAYS looks amazing xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge