Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Ultimate Christmas Fair

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the Ultimate Christmas Fair at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, next to the docks. I got a couple of tickets for tonight, so decided to take my friend Hannah along with me.

The fair is on all this weekend and has over 200 exhibitors, as well as fashion shows and beauty demos.

The fair kind of reminded me a little of The Clothes Show in the way it was set out. All of the exhibitors had their own stall set up. A lot of them were selling various clothing items (mainly for women), but there were a couple of beauty stalls, and quite a few exhibitors selling items for the home.

I really liked these candles from Sublime Candles by Helen Morgan - they smelt really good and looked beautiful too, especially the ones with the shells in the top.

We watched the fashion show with clothes from Mark Melia. This was probably the best part of the fair.

There were also quite a lot of food stalls and vans set up, which all looked delicious.

We were given a complimentary cocktail from one of them, which is included in the ticket price, and it was actually really good. I had a Refresher mocktail as I was driving, and it actually tasted like Refresher sweets!

If I'm really honest, the fair didn't feel that Christmassy at all. There were maybe two stalls selling festive items, and the rest had expensive 'gifts'. I looked at buying a woolly hat but it was about £30 - and even the candles were around £15. Some of the stalls could perhaps have offered a discount for those at the exhibition, just to get sales going a bit (not that I'm a sales advisor or anything!).

I don't like giving bad reviews but I don't think the atmosphere was quite right. Granted, it was the first day of the exhibition, but there were hardly any people there and a lot of the stalls were unmanned and therefore a little uninviting. All of the products on sale were quite pricey and I was actually quite glad I didn't pay the £8 for a ticket. We stayed about 45 minutes and that was more than enough tonight. The event hasn't been advertised overly well - I didn't hear about it from anywhere else but the email invite I received.

I am hoping that the atmosphere will improve over the weekend with more people. Tickets are still on sale - although they are £14.95 - you can buy one here.

I think unfortunately tonight just didn't work because there weren't enough visitors and nobody seemed particularly Christmassy. Even the carol singers were stuck outside in the corridor - basically singing to a wall! Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be a much bigger success; the Ultimate Christmas Fair could be a great day out if it was done right.

We did have quite a fun time and got a free cocktail, and afterwards I went back to Hannah's flat for some food and a catch-up which was lovely. Not the worst way to spend a Thursday night!
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