Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My friends are the best

Today I received a card in the post from my best friend Roxy, just because. No particular reason behind it - just to say that she missed me and couldn't wait to catch up soon. It completely made my week, and made me realise how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life. 

I have some great friends around me that are supportive in everything I do. I met my friend Hannah last night for a meal and a chat, and came away feeling so positive. My housemates at university are incredible too - always there if I need anything, or up for a good night out or a relaxing night in. New friends, old friends - they're all great to be around, and I feel so lucky to have so many lovely people around me, keeping me going every day.

It really is the little things that make a huge difference, and receiving Roxy's card made me feel happy and eager to get through the week ahead. It made me realise that I can get through this mountain of work and early starts, because I'll get to see her on Friday. Even a text or a call to a loved one makes the biggest impact - make sure you often tell people how much they mean to you, and make an effort to have contact with them as much as possible. It will make you, and everyone close to you, do a little happy dance inside.
Celebrate every tiny victory.

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