Sunday, 28 February 2016

Vivid dreams

After talking about my Citalopram yesterday, I am sure it gives me more vivid dreams than I used to get.

My dreams used to be mainly based on reality and what was currently happening in my life, but more recently I have been having some rather bizarre dreams that don't relate to real life in any way. For example, the other night I dreamed that I was in a GCSE history class with some YouTubers, drinking alcohol at the back. We then had to go and hide in a cave for some unknown reason. Last night I dreamed that a HUGE spider was in the room and I couldn't get away.

I also find myself having more bad dreams than I used to, that again are not in touch with reality, but are still terrifying. More often than not I wake up and remember what I was dreaming about - and sometimes it makes me laugh; other times it stops me from wanting to go back to sleep again.

Today I have literally slept all day - I didn't get up until 6pm - so I have been waking up at odd intervals and remembering my funny dreams. One thing I always think is strange is that you remember your dream vividly when you wake up, but 5 minutes later you've completely forgotten it.

I think this is just a random side-effect of my Citalopram, and one that I can definitely cope with, but sometimes my dreams are very weird!

Does anyone else have this side-effect with their antidepressants? I would love to know!
Don't believe everything you think.

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  1. I get loads of vivd dreams! Definitely linked to my anti-depressants as I didn't get them before
    Kate xx