Saturday, 12 March 2016

A murder mystery

Last night my best friend Roxy came up to Liverpool for a night out. We ended up in Pop World, dancing and singing away to Disney songs, and it was one of the best nights out I've ever had. Roxy always makes me feel great about myself and is such a good person to be around - her infectious bubbly personality is definitely one of the best things about her.

Today I mainly slept and watched TV, with some extra-cheesy pasta bake and McDonald's mozarella dippers as company (cheese is always required the day after a night out). Then this evening my housemates and I played a murder mystery game. I've never played one before, but it was really fun - we were all given different characters and scenarios, along with some clues, and had to work out who the murderer was. It turned out that it was me!!

I am considering giving up alcohol for a while. It makes me feel so much more emotional than I am normally, and I will usually have a little cry at some point during a night out, usually for no particular reason. Alcohol is a depressant, and makes you feel really good for a short while, but then you can come crashing down to a horrifying low after a couple of hours. Last night was no different - I cried over someone that I have made a lot of effort with recently, which was hard for me due to things that have happened in the past, and I have not received anything back. And then Roxy cheered me up and we moved on to the dancefloor to groove the night away.

I don't really drink too much anyway, and I wouldn't miss alcohol all that much if I gave it up, but it is fun to feel uninhibited and to forget about your worries for a short while. I become so random when I have had a bit to drink, and am not at all afraid to be myself, which is great. But the depressant effect of it is not something that I need to add to my tendencies towards depression. I have heard that a lot of people feel really down the day after drinking alcohol, and I sometimes get that too, although today has been a good one for me.

I guess I'll just treat it as something I can have once in a while, but to be wary about the effects it can have on me. And remember how great my friends are, and how they always manage to make me feel better anyway.

Now I'm just snuggled up in bed, considering watching a couple of films. Sometimes a night in on your own is just what you need - and a night in can definitely be better than a night out on the town!
It's not we have in life but who we have in life that really matters.

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