Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A taste of your own medicine

I wasn't really sure what to write today, as I've just been in hospital.

I didn't have to be in until 11am so I slept in for a while, and then had a mock clinical skills exam in hospital. That went okay (except for me not being able to get the needle off the top of a syringe and nearly causing myself a needlestick injury), and I had this afternoon off so I came home and watched Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon a Time, before falling asleep.

I also did my weekly food shop in the hospital's WHSmith. I think that shows I spend wayyy too much time there. I need a week off.

I'm so glad it's Wednesday - I really feel like I need to go home and rest, so I'm looking forward to this weekend as I can spend some time with my family (and cuddle my mum on the sofa. And my dogs).

I just wanted to leave this long quote here, as it helped me finally get over the people that have hurt me in the past, and move on from them.

A Taste of Your Own Medicine
Don't give them a taste of their own medicine. They already know what it tastes like. Give them a taste of your own medicine. 
If they lied, let your medicine be honesty.
If they played with your emotions, let your medicine be maturity.
If they broke you, let your medicine heal.
If they made you cry, let your medicine make them smile.
These remedies of yours may take years to work, but they work. And they last.
So be patient. Stay true to yourself.
And remember this: it is better for people to value you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be. Who you are lasts a lifetime. Who you pretend to be changes like the change of seasons.
Don't be afraid to be yourself, even if it means removing yourself from lives that you want to be in.
You are, no doubt, worthy of being valued for who you are.
So be who you are.
                        - Najwa Zebian

I hope that helps some of you too - it just put everything into perspective for me and made me realise what's important, and who I want to be.


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