Sunday, 3 April 2016

Feeling ill

Whenever I'm feeling ill I turn into a 5 year old again who needs her mummy and some Calpol, with a huge dose of sympathy.

I'm not good at being physically unwell - it doesn't happen to me often, so when I get the slightest of sniffles my family all know about it.

I've had a sore throat and cough since Tuesday, and today it turned into a full-blown cold with a croaky voice, muscle aches and severe tiredness. So my day has mainly been spent in bed, when I know I should have been revising (I have a mock exam tomorrow).

But anyway, I know I'll eventually recover from my virus, whereas I don't know that about my mental health. I'm optimistic for the future, but I know that I will probably suffer severely with my depression at some point again.

So I'm off to bed with a mug of hot squash (again a throwback to my childhood) and a good book to help me get off to sleep. I hope you all had a healthier Sunday than I did! :)

Hannah x

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  1. I am the same way when I don't feel well. I want just to hide and sleep until I feel better. It would help if my mom was there too to take care of me! I have never heard of the mug of squash. I will have to look into that as a remedy! Feel better!

    Donette Claar @ U.S. HealthWorks Sacramento - East