Monday, 23 May 2016

6 things that have made me happy today #9

Revision is very boring right now, so I really need things to keep me going throughout the week. Here are 6 things that have made me happy today...

1) Britain's Got Talent
Britain's Got Talent is my favourite TV talent show competition, so I always love the week where all of the semi-finals are shown. This week it will give me a chance to relax in the evenings, and a couple of hours away from medicine.

2) Molly The Newfie Snapchats
I am obsessed with Newfoundlands, and have been following Molly The Newfie (@mollythenewfie) for a while on Instagram, to keep up with the adventures of Molly and Boomer the Newfoundlands, and Lady the Pomeranian. They are all gorgeous, so when I found out that Molly had Snapchat I was over the moon! Her Snapchats keep me entertained through the day - the Snapchat username is mollythenewfie.

3) Examination teaching at hospital
We have some great teachers at hospital, and some of the best teaching is ward-based and focused on clinical examinations. Today we went through a neurological and cardiovascular examination, and I really felt like things were starting to click into place. Plus we got to meet some really lovely patients, which is always a bonus.

4) Food shopping
I don't always enjoy food shopping - sometimes it can seem like such a chore. But today I went and decided to treat myself a little to get through this week of revision. My favourite purchase was Quorn Mini Savoury Eggs - they are like scotch eggs, but vegetarian, and are delicious. I've been snacking on them all evening.

5) Elective planning
I am going away to Fiji in a few weeks' time as part of my medical course, as we have to do some work experience in a hospital for 4 weeks - a so-called 'medical elective'. I am going with two other friends and we keep talking about what we're going to get up to abroad, which is really exciting! I can't wait to blog while I'm out there!

6) Chilling out with a book
I love reading, and am currently enjoying The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond. It's difficult to put down, so I have been reading it during study breaks and as a way to relax in the evening. There's nothing like curling up in bed with a good book.
Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary.
           - Oscar Wilde

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