Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My helix piercing feat. Karma Se7en

Some of you may know that I got my helix pierced a few weeks ago (my sister and I got matching piercings!), so when Karma Se7en contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their helix jewellery, it was perfect timing. They have such a huge selection of piercing jewellery that it was difficult to choose my favourites, but I settled on four different ones in the end.

I have collaborated with Karma Se7en in the past (post here) and their jewellery is always great quality and really decent prices. Delivery is fast and the jewellery comes in little purple boxes that are perfect to keep the smaller pieces in.

I love the colours in this little stud - it really stands out. This piercing has a little ball on the other end (that is very fiddly to put on - I'm still trying to get the hang of it!). Plus it's only £2.95 which is a bargain.

This one was really difficult to photograph as it is so small on either side of my ear, but it's basically a bar that goes through the hole, which then looks like there's a little dog bone sticking through your ear. This was the piercing I requested first, as I think it's really cute, plus it's probably the easiest to put in on account of there being no little ball! This is the most expensive at £3.99, which is still a very good price.

I love this stud - it's so dainty and pretty, and will definitely be one that I wear on a day to day basis. It is only £2.99 and is solid silver, so can be worn in the shower or when swimming.

I also received Karma Se7en's Piercing Ring with Dangle Feather* but I haven't yet worked out how to put it in! It has a tiny ball on it that has to come out, and then be put back in again once the ring is in the ear, but it's so fiddly. It is really pretty though - one of my favourite of the four I have. Bear with me and I'll try and get a photo of it in my ear up over the next week or so.

I would definitely recommend Karma Se7en if you're looking for any type of body piercing jewellery, as they have so much choice and really decent prices. My sister also bought some of their helix piercing jewellery and loves them too.

And then Dad had to make fun of me because of the way I was standing... All in the name of blogging, eh?!
You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward.

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