Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Our first disaster

So at 5.45am this morning I innocently woke up as I needed the loo, stepped out of bed and felt my feet hit a puddle of water. I thought I was dreaming so took a couple more steps, but found that I was making splashing noises and the water was covering my feet.

Somehow, overnight, our hotel room had completely flooded. It sounds like such a cliche thing to happen to travellers, but it happened to us! The bags that were on the floor were soaked, and unfortunately Neala's passport was destroyed, so we're going to have to go to the embassy to replace it.

This will probably be something we'll laugh about a few weeks down the line, but today was quite stressful. We also started our first proper day in hospital today, but I will let you know more that tomorrow.

This evening some of the staff from our hotel have invited us to go to a carnival with them which should be really fun!

Hannah x

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