Saturday, 11 June 2016

The best face wash ever feat. The Blue Lemon

I can 100% hands-down say that my skin hasn't been this good since I was about 10. I think that's down to a few factors - being happier, medication (I'm currently taking Dianette), and a great face wash.

The Blue Lemon Tea Tree Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash

And that great product is The Blue Lemon's Tea Tree Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash.

The Blue Lemon is a skincare shop based in Shrewsbury, that opened in late 2015, plus an online shop, created by Jorg and Jenny. Their production unit is based in Ironbridge, and all of their products are handmade and carefully selected, with the main ingredient being shea butter. All of their products are vegan, contain no preservatives, and are not tested on animals.

The Blue Lemon, 48 High Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

My mum happened to mention that a co-worker of hers had tried some of The Blue Lemon's products, and absolutely loved them, especially the cleanser, which she claimed had worked miracles on her skin. Mum popped into the shop one day and brought me back a sample, and I was hooked from there.

I splash my face with water, put a bit of the face wash on my fingers, and gently massage it in, before rinsing it off. This creates a really foamy wash that leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. The actual product is almost like a sugar scrub but less scratchy - it doesn't actually look like a face wash at all. But when mixed with water, it creates a perfect lather to thoroughly wash your face with.

The Blue Lemon's face wash smells like tea tree (which is one of the main ingredients), and is really lovely to use. I have been using it morning and night for about a month now, and have noticed such a difference to my skin. It is much less spotty and I break out less often - plus it always feels much cleaner after I have used this product. I literally couldn't recommend it enough if you suffer from acne or break outs.

This face wash can be bought from the shop in Shrewsbury or online here. It is £10 but will last for ages - you only have to use the smallest amount of product. To be honest, I would pay much more than £10 for this!

The Blue Lemon do lots of different products, such as hand cream, moisturiser, scrubs and men's products. Mum has their hand cream and absolutely loves it. I hope they stick around in Shrewsbury and online for a long time to come, as I will be purchasing this face wash for as long as it's produced (when it actually eventually runs out!).
In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.
              - Iman

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