Friday, 29 July 2016

Don't feed the turkeys

I'm currently on a 16 hour bus journey from Noosa to Airlie Beach, which will get us in at about 9am tomorrow morning. This journey is really hitting home how big Australia actually is!

Today has been spent getting our nails done, eating, and hanging around the hostel in Noosa. There's an amazing bakery next to the IGA supermarket at Noosa Junction that I got a pastry from for breakfast, that I would definitely recommend if you are around this area. We went out last night and got in very late this morning, so have been napping all afternoon before we got onto the coach at 6pm.

Our next stop is Airlie Beach, where I am doing another skydive and visiting the Whitsundays from, so this will be a very exciting few days!

I don't quite understand these drink bottles that I find in all of the Australian supermarkets. They look like they should contain detergent like the bottles at home. They confuse me every time I see them.

Hannah x

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