Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to cope with homesickness

Homesickness is something that I've had to deal with a fair few times in the past, even when I've just been away at uni and only 2 hours from home. So being away for 8 weeks was always going to be difficult for me - and it's even worse if I ever feel down as all I want is a cuddle from my mum.

So here are a few of my tips on how to deal with homesickness:

1) Keep yourself busy
The best cure for an overactive mind? Keeping it busy. You are away from home for a reason, so make the most of it while you can. Go out and see as much as possible. Meet new people. Explore a new culture. There will be plenty you can do to keep your mind off home, even if it's just reading a good book.

2) Appreciate every experience
I guess this is similar to number 1, but make sure that you take everything in and appreciate everything you do. Don't waste the time you have away by wishing you were home.

3) Nothing lasts forever
You will presumably be at home again at some point in the future, so think of the celebrations you can have when you are back and all of the photos you can show people, plus the stories you will have to tell.

4) Take it one day at a time
Don't make your date of departure your focus. Appreciate each day and take it one day at a time, to fully immerse yourself into your time away.

5) Talk to your family as much as possible
With this fantastic thing called technology you can now see and speak to your loved ones as often as you like for free. It's almost like they're experiencing your time away with you!

6) Embrace the lifestyle
Wherever in the world you are, try and fit in and make the place feel like your own. The more comfortable you feel there, the less homesick you are likely to feel.

Hannah x

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  1. This is a lovely little post because homesickness was definitely something I experienced on my elective. Many of the students I was with were able to have their parents, siblings or girlfriends fly out for a bit but my family couldn't come. I dealt with the homesickness by keeping busy and seeing as much as I could of the city. In the end, eight weeks flew by!
    Jennifer x
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