Saturday, 2 July 2016

Taveuni island

This morning we got on a 6am bus to travel down south to catch a bus to an island called Taveuni. Taveuni is the 3rd largest island in Fiji, and is known as the Garden Island because it is so green and covered in tropical rainforest.

We are staying in a hotel called Maravu Lodge, which is situated to the north of the island. There are lots of little huts (bures) to stay in, but we have been placed in the treehouse, which has 76 steps up to it (amazing views, but a hard work out with a heavy backpack!).

We have two bathrooms, a double bed, and two single beds, and also an outside shower and jacuzzi! Which unfortunately isn't working...

The hotel is very eco-friendly and made of lots of wood and stone, surrounded by hundreds of palm trees.

We had a lovely lunch of tuna salad before spending some time around the pool, and then I sat in the hammock for a while, reading my book and listening to the breeze in the trees.

Taveuni is such a lovely place - I think I will be very happy here for a few days. Tomorrow we are going to visit a waterfall, so I will keep you updated on that.

Hannah x

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