Monday, 4 July 2016

Taveuni natural waterslide

I am still on Taveuni island for a couple of days, so today I decided to go on a trip to visit the date line and a natural waterslide.

The date line is an imaginary line that runs from the north of the world to the south, that marks where one calendar day becomes the next. Essentially, on one side of the line you are exactly 24 hours behind than when you stand on the other side of the line. I still haven't got my head 100% around this concept, but it was interesting to see! The place where the line is essentially just has a hut and a plaque, so you wouldn't visit more than once, but it was pretty cool as only 3 countries cross the date line.

The natural water slides, or the Waitavala water slide, are a series of waterfalls that have smoothened the rocks so that they can easily be slid down into a pool. I had about 3 goes sliding down them, and they were so much fun - I recorded it with my underwater camera and the faces I pull are hilarious! I will definitely be making a video of my time in Fiji when I get home.

Hannah x

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  1. The date line concept really messes with my head - I think I'd be really confused there! (Although I'd love to say I'd been). I haven't heard of the natural water slides, going to google and make myself even more jealous haha
    Jennifer x
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